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OST (Justin Hurwitz / Tim Simonec) / Whiplash Deluxe (Vinyl, 2LP) (해외배송 가능상품)
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Name OST (Justin Hurwitz / Tim Simonec) / Whiplash Deluxe (Vinyl, 2LP)
Price 39,900원
결제수단 카드 결제, 무통장 입금, 적립금, 실시간 계좌이체
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OST (Justin Hurwitz / Tim Simonec) / Whiplash Deluxe (Vinyl, 2LP) 수량증가 수량감소 39900 (  )
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Expanded Package Includes Original Music by Justin Hurwitz Plus Bonus Tracks and Remixes by Timo Garcia, Opiuo, Murray A. Lightburn and More. 

Whiplash, one of the best-selling soundtracks of 2014/15 which the New York Times described as “potent and pungent,” features original music by Academy Award, Grammy Award, Golden Globe and BAFTA winner Justin Hurwitz (LaLa Land, First Man), and the high-energy big band classic jazz numbers from the original soundtrack release. The deluxe edition also includes never before released bonus tracks, and wildly creative remixes by the likes of New Zealand’s bass music phenomenon Opiuo who brilliantly deconstructs Hurwitz’s composition “Overture” into a twisted, mind-expanding opus, LA-based Korean American rap sensation Junoflo and The Dears lead singer Murray A. Lightburn. The new package will be released in expanded form digitally, on double CD and on 2-LP gatefold sleeve vinyl—all with new cover art and design by Shawn Conn-- as well as liner notes by T.S. Monk, son of Thelonious Monk.

The Academy Award-winning film by Damien Chazelle was one of the first of a series of smash award-winning collaborations between Chazelle and Hurwitz--they would later both win multiple awards for LaLa Land and First Man. The story centers around Andrew Neiman (Miles Teller), a 19-year-old jazz drummer who dreams of greatness but unsure if his dream will ever come true. Haunted by the failed writing career of his father, Andrew is determined to rise to the top of the country’s most elite music conservatory. One night, Terence Fletcher (J.K. Simmons), a conductor equally known for his talent for teaching as he is for the terrifying method of his instruction, discovers Andrew practicing the drums. Even though Fletcher says very little to him that night, he ignites in Andrew a passion to achieve his goal. To Andrew's surprise, the next day, Fletcher requests that he be transferred into his band. This single act changes the young man’s life forever.

Says Hurwitz of the bonus track “Fletcher’s Song,” the first unreleased song to be released in advance of the album, “In the script and in an earlier cut of the movie, there was a scene where we saw Fletcher at home, unwinding at the end of the day. In the script it said that he was listening to an old jazz standard, but then we thought that it would be fun for the song he's listening to to be a big band ballad version of the melody we've been hearing throughout the score. So we made this track called "Fletcher's Song," but then the scene got cut from the movie. The tune remains in the score, and is the same simple and delicate song we see Fletcher playing later in the jazz club.”

LP One: Big Band & Avant-Garde


Side One

Snare Liftoff (I Want To Be One Of The Greats)


Too Hip To Retire



Rehearsal Medley (First Nassau Band Rehearsal / Rival Overbrook Chart / Second Nassau Band Rehearsal / Studio Band Eavesdrop / Studio Band Rehearsal After Breakup)


Side Two

What's Your Name (If You Want The Part, Earn It)



Call From Dad


Hug From Dad

Drum & Drone


Ryan / Breakup

Drum Battle


Good Job (He Was A Beautiful Player)



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